Local Content

Africa is undoubtedly home to the earliest civilization known to man. Many hundred years ago, Egyptians developed the bowdrill – a simple wooden machine used to start fire through friction to generate heat which burns the saw dust created. The technology of the day was such that it met the local demand for heat and fire in order to sustain their existence.

This same method of developing a solution from first principles to meet the basic energy needs of the community has not been improved upon in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) as it should.

AEA’s direct involvement with policy makers and the players in the energy industry in Sub-Saharan Africa provides firsthand experience of the situation in the most remote parts of Africa as well as in the off-grid parts of emerging African cities.

It is our belief that every community can develop along the lines of its cultural values and heritage using the latest available technology to meet its energy demands. AEA therefore focuses on assessing the local capacity available in a community alongside their energy demands and with support from our community of energy investors, we provide the connection guaranteed to create the much needed value between both parties.

AEA believes that a sustainable solution to the energy problems in Sub-Saharan Africa can only be implemented with sufficient local capacity utilization and appropriate local content development initiatives. It is therefore our focus to bring to fore the available local capacities that can be developed to take advantage of the latest technology and improve on it to overcome the energy challenges in SSA for overall economic and technological development of the region.

We believe that the wider development of the vast energy resources in SSA will bring about the much needed technological development and economic independence of the countries in SSA.